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Scientific Gypsy Moves

Apparently, that is what I am known for, This weekend was pretttty perfect. Tribe blew my mind as always. Saxton will be the name of my child, I was telling everyone at the congress that. I love electric wine and everyone who came to my spa in the Chi this weekend, except the owner who rented it to me and brought the cops and the creepy neighbor dude who saw my tits and had pet squirrels named MAry Kate and Ashley (yeah literally… he did, fucking creep), but we took care of that and raged so hard. Jesus I have the best friends. I love my life and everyone in it. I also broke raging strides with some dude. He was trying to tell me to leave this little balcony spot ( which actually wasn’t VIP, his friends were just trying to pretend it was, I know it wasn’t because it is my designated rage spot and has been for years, and my gang had the spot for the first night). I was raging on top of a chair in the back of the balcony, becaus ei couldn’t see otherwise, and we literally fought for at least five minutes, and five minutes later he comes up to me after giving up fighting with me about it, and he goes, ” I am so sorry, we are ALL VIP”  and he hugged me so good and we just raged the rest of the night and hugged eachother goodbye. oh man, I cried, it was beautiful, and now it just needs to be festival season.

  • 23 January 2012
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